Human agency

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BOOK James Farganis, 2014, Readings in Social Theory, 7th edition. Sociology 3800 – Social Theory Essay Assignment 3 Please read the following from Wikipedia; human agency Your assignment is to write an essay addressing the question below. This is a short essay that is expected to be between three and four pages in length (assuming traditional font size, margins, and spacing). The essay must be typed and it is due on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, in class. You should use a classical essay format containing an introduction, thesis statement, body of evidence designed to prove your thesis, and a conclusion in which your thesis is repeated. A grading rubric is on page 2 of this document. The successful essay will make direct use of lectures and readings. A few short quotes from the readings are welcome and worthwhile, but extensive quotes are not appropriate in a short essay format such as this. You do not need to do any outside research to write your essay. However, proper citations and use of quotation marks is mandatory! You must also include a bibliography, as with all of your essays this semester. As with all written work, you must write your own essay. Sharing ideas with classmates is good, but any form of plagiarism will be dealt with harshly. Your essay should be edited for grammar, spelling, and clarity. I suggest you identify a friend or class colleague who can critically read your essay before you submit a final draft, or go to the Learning Assistance Center in LIB 450. Set up an appointment for a tutoring session by going to Topic Question Human agency is the capacity of individuals to act in the social world; to make choices for themselves, to act with self-possession in social settings, and to assume ownership of one’s life. For instance, going to school and planning for a career imply that an individual has human agency, while convincing oneself that one will never find work and therefore not bothering to look for a job suggests that an individual lacks human agency. Briefly describe how Durkheim and Simmel describe issues of human agency. Which of the approaches do you feel is the most realistic description of human agency in the social world? Write an essay in which you briefly describe human agency and then demonstrate, by direct reference to the theorists’ work, how much agency individual humans have in the theorists’ work.