How people influence others at work

Summary of the event/article – overview of the main points of the chosen article; Be sure to state the title and authors of the article. This should be written in enough detail that someone who did not read the article will be able to understand the key points of the article. Note: By summary, this does not mean just stating what the key topics were that were addressed in the article. Some level of explanation is necessary. For example, stating something like, “In the article X by Y, Y discussed three things all managers should do to be more effective” and moving on to the next thing author Y did in the article would not be sufficient and would get little credit for this section. Even listing what those three things were would not be sufficient; it would be necessary to give some explanation of what those three things were before moving on. Application of how the event/article relates to organizational behavior topics. This section regards the course concepts and theories that relate to the article. This section must make up a significant portion of your paper and must reflect an in-depth analysis of the application of course concepts and theories that relate to the article. It is better to choose a few concepts/theories and discuss them in depth than to choose many concepts/theories and not thoroughly discuss them. Here depth is far better than breadth. The emphasis of the paper should be on the application component. Conclusion – one paragraph summarizing the paper; do not introduce new ideas or topics in the conclusion Reference List (using APA formatting) APA formatting throughout with the following exceptions: do not include an abstract, a title page, or a running head. If an abstract is included, it will not be graded and will not count towards the length requirement. Word document with Times New Roman 12-point font throughout and 1-inch margins Written in a professional manner (e.g., free from grammatical errors and typos, no slang, etc.) Written in an academic tone. Do not do not write about personal experiences or your own thoughts or commentary on the material. Writing must not be conversational and must stick strictly to the facts and information.