How did London develop its urban form up to 1666?

How did London develop its urban form up to 1666? The essay should be extremely detailed with captioned illustrations, it should indicate thorough research and critical engagement with the bibliography. Key Points: *KEEP THE REPORT CHRONOLOGICAL AND NOT THEMATIC * Focus should be on City of London, Westminster, Southwark, Kensington/chelsea * Emphasize the importance of the forum during Roman London (civic, political, market, supply post) *** * London Bridge importance to development * Shift to Westminster – political power and religious power move thanks to Edward the creator giving money to Benedictine monks. Talk about how city is Business center while Westminster is political and religious * Talk about Saxon london and last invasion in 1066 (briefly discuss role of house of Normandy up until 1154) (Saxon and Roman london are very important) * Include other detailed developments throughout the period from start of Roman London to 1666 and importance in the development of the urban form of London *****THIS IS A REPORT ON HOW AND WHY LONDON DEVELOPS NOT A NARRATIVE**** * NO WEBSITES AS SOURCES SHOULD BE SCHOLARLY ARTICLES AND PRIMARILY BOOKS******** BOOK THAT SHOULD BE HEAVILY REFERENCED IS — A GUIDE TO THE ARCHITECTURE OF LONDON BY EDWARD JONES Do not use too much complex terminology, make it moderate yet detailed


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