historical typeface or letterform

This essay will discuss one concrete example of an historical typeface or letterform and discuss how the aesthetic characteristics of this typeface are related to its situation (economic, aesthetic, political, cultural and so on). The act of performing a critique.This can take several forms: formalist,structuralist, post-structuralist, Marxist, post-colonial, feminist, psychoanalytic,materialist, genealogical….The point is that critical approaches are systematic and rigorous.explaining how the case history that chosen illustrates the significance of typography as a cultural form. using appropriate conceptual terms.A research question needs to be something you can answer. So, it needs to have an appropriate scope.You don’t have to absolutely and definitive answer it. It just has to be phrased as something that there could be an answer to.The paper focuses on one letterforming or typographical practice, will engage critically with at least 3 academic sources to support its argument.Skim three sources read their abstracts, the intro, the conclusion: get a sense of their general point.Write a few sentences about why this is a legitimate source, and why it’s got something to do with your research question. From there, prepare three annotated bibliography items for the researchproject proposal. – What can we say about this as a concrete object? (ie How was it made, where would it have been seen, what does it look like) -What can we say about the symbolic and material culture that this object’s design elements are evidence of? There are several excellentresources to hand. 1.) The old-timey library 2.) The majesty that is J-Stor 3.) Research librarians 3.) Google scholar 4.) Wikis. Yes, I said that.