Health care and health communication of obese individuals

Prompt: When most people think of health care and health communication, they typically first think of their experiences with practitioners in a clinical context. Doctors and nurses are the main individuals the public interacts with regarding their health, and these providers are highly respected in our society. How providers treat and communicate with patients can influence if patients’ health outcomes. Previous research has found how doctors interact with patients can influence intermediary outcomes such as feeling heard, understanding diagnosis/treatment, and efficacy, which in turn can influence biomedical outcomes. However, doctors are human beings that often have biases and sometimes rely on stereotypes when treating patients. This means some patients may be treated differently by their doctor based on their demographic characteristics.

For this paper, (1) choose from one of the perspectives listed below that is truly different from your own. Research how these groups are treated by their practitioners relative to more privileged populations (e.g., hasty judgments physicians may make, lack of respect for patient, lack of follow up on care). Then, consider the implications of how these groups being treated can be problematic (i.e., answer “so what? Why should we care?”). Here you should consider how these differences in treatment may negatively affect the group of people you’re researching as well as how it may have larger impacts on the health care landscape (e.g., negative patient health outcomes, increased chronic care cost, health disparities, the need for diversity in the health care system, etc.) Perspective to use in this essay: Individuals who are considered obese Format: This is a research, essay style paper and should be written professionally. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides, no more/no less. Font should be Times New Roman, 12 pt. Papers should be at least 2 full pages with text double space. Papers should be no longer than 3 full pages double spaced. You must also have a references page and all citation in-text and on the reference page need to be formatted according to APA standards. This reference page does NOT count toward your page count. Source Requirements: You are required to use at least 3 credible research sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, Common Wealth Fund, Pew Research Center). Sources must be cited in text/parenthetically as well as on the reference page. Your textbook does NOT count as one of your three sources, but if you do use information from your textbook you must cite it.