Geographic Information System (National Response Framework)

In this essay you will develop a framework for assessing risk, vulnerability or resilience (Choose one). Specifically, using the ideas for developing vulnerability indices, along with the GIS techniques that were provided in this module (read chapter 8, Read the following sections in your textbook “Tomaszewski, B. (2014). Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, pages 236-243). Along with your own research (use the vulnerability literature cited in this module as a starting point), develop a vulnerability, risk and/or resilience model for Charleston, South Carolina. The goal for creating a framework or model is to take a complex concept like Risk, Vulnerability, or Resilience (and please remember, you do NOT have to do all three) – just choose one (Risk, Vulnerability, or Resilience) and break them down into measurable and actionable pieces. In your write up, acknowledge the following details: • Provide a definition for the concept that you choose to model (vulnerability, resilience) • What variables should you include and why? • How would you weight them and why? • Other items to think about in the discussion could cover other disciplines (such as the social sciences, physical sciences, or computational sciences). You may represent your framework or model however you’d like. For example you can: • Create a visual representation (in PowerPoint or similar) and write around that. • Write an equation and define how you would represent the elements (and be specific) • Create a table where you pare concepts down into themes and show what datasets you would use and why • Your essay must be at least 3 pages in length Reference Materials 1. You are to review the seven core capabilities of mitigation from the National Response Framework “Seven Core Capabilities” Pages: 15-31 2. Tomaszewski, B. (2014). Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Pages 236-243