Gentrification In Urban America

 Write a 700 word (700 words must be in the actual body of the paper! NOT including the title page, table of contents, introduction, conclusion, and reference page!) Research Report about a topic/issue that is currently occurring in the United States. The topic/issue you select should be one you have a personal interest in, as this will be the topic that you will be doing your Final Presentation on. In the Research Report, you will need to address the topic/issue you selected, explain why it is in fact an issue, and state ways to improve/resolve the issue. You will need to include 5 reputable sources to cite in your paper (journals, newspapers, etc). The paper must be written using APA Style and must have a running header, page numbers, a title page, a table of contents page, an introduction, appropriate section headings throughout the body of the paper, a conclusion, and a reference page. PERSONAL NOTES : The body of the paragraph should go like this : Intro Sub topic- explain what is gentrification Paragraph 1 – gentrification in Newark NJ Paragraph 2 – Gentrification in Brooklyn NY Paragraph 3- Gentrification in Englewood Subtopic- Ways to resolve gentrification Conclusion SOURCES I HAVE CHOSEN: