Gap Analysis

 Write an analysis of how your choice of coursework and other activities will prepare you to enter your preferred field. Indicate the qualities that you are trying to acquire or demonstrate that an employer would expect when hiring someone into their company. Utilize the material that you have developed thus far concerning your strengths and interests, and which you gathered from your interview in developing your analysis. Indicate how you can prepare yourself to meet these expectations, including future courses that you will take. For example, employers might seek candidates with the following: Leadership experience Problem solving skill Teamwork skill High energy level Personal discipline Demonstrated interest and involvement in the field Writing skill Initiative Speaking and presentation skill Creativity Interpersonal skills (i.e. dealing with people) Critical thinking skill (the ability to analyze situations and create strategy or solve problems) Ability to complete tasks and deliver results This is only a list of suggestions. You answer could include things like: Summer internships Tutor other students Attend career fairs Attend lectures by prominent guests of the university Be specific! Do not just say “join a club.” Which club? Why that club? What companies will you target for an internship? What SPECIFIC steps will you take to get an internship? When will you launch your search? How will you proceed on your search (use Career Services, etc)? What networking tactics can you use? Explain how what you propose fulfills a specific need. Indicate your planned timing. What COURSE NUMBERS (past and future) will help you – you must list at least one course number