Former President Obama

Length: Approximately 700 words (3 pages) Peer Editing: Choose a partner in class. Swap papers and offer constructive feedback, focusing on format and content. Type: Biographical essay or short story Guidance for the exercise For the fourth assignment, you have the choice to decide your own fate, your own adventure. Meeting the requirements stated above, you are free to write an essay about a historical person or to write a short story, trying your hand at creative writing. General rules for the essay Avoid fast, easy answers. Allow your paragraphs to develop naturally in a logical manner. State a solid thesis statement, and provide evidence or examples that reinforces your thesis. This essay is research-based, thus a Works Cited page is required. A minimum of four (4) sources is required from either databases or print (Open Web sources such as Wikipedia or personal websites are not acceptable.) A biographical essay is a written composition describing the life and times of an individual. Select a historical figure and write about his/her life and work, focusing upon: Origin story: name, family, country, time period, etc. Why this person is historical in nature, e.g., accomplishments, celebrity, notoriety, etc. What impacts, positive or negative, did this person have on the time period in which he/she lived, and how this person impacted/influenced society and culture today. Why did you choose this person as your topic. Please give several examples to explain your selection.