foreign and military policy

I have an email to show you exactly what it should be written on Answer each of these questions in essay format (approximately 1 ½ to 2 pages typed, double spaced for each question). Make sure you use factual data to prove your point/opinion. Don’t use ‘I think…’ or general phrases like “…it was bad/good for us”, unless you precede or follow the statement with specific facts or professional opinions which directly support your conclusion(s). 125 PTS FOR #1; 125 PTS FOR #2 (250 pts. possible). (Outside reference material may be used: BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES AND USE QUOTATION MARKS WHERE APPLICABLE) 1. President Wilson believed that WWI was “…the war to end all wars.” 1. Briefly discuss why he held this belief 2. Looking into the future up through the 1950’s, discuss reasons why this could never be true. *It’s imperative in this response that you identify and explain the reasons behind at least 3 US interventions in other country’s affairs after WWII (i.e. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Egypt etc). Once you’ve done this, then respond to part ‘c’ below.* 3. As you answer ‘b’ incorporate stipulations of the Versailles Treaty and Eisenhower’s treatment of the Geneva Accords, as well as the threat of Communism to the economic superiority of the U.S. 4. After answering the above, give me your opinion as to whether there is a possibility that the U.S. would ever be able to stay out of military actions, taking into account the years from 1915 through 1959. Be sure to support your opinion with facts and events from your text as well as any outside information you may get from a little research.