FIND THE ERRORS TASK Description Hello. Thank you for taking the interest in helping me complete this assignment. Please read the directions very carefully. The writer for the assignment MUST know how to edit a short essay in Microsoft Word, and correct t

THE WRITER MUST KNOW HOW TO OPERATE MICROSOFT WORD, AND FIXING ERRORS WITHIN A WRITING. This assignment requires the “Writer” to log into my classroom. I will give all of the information, once a writer is selected. The only thing needed to log into my classroom is my name, and my password. So, it’s very easy. After the writer logs into my classroom, the “Writer” will then click on the “GEN499; General Education Capstone”, and from there, the “Writer” will go to “Week 1”, and click on “Assignment 1”. I will give the name of the school, and the website to access the assignment. However, I have also copied and pasted the assignment below, but again, the writer will have to log into my classroom to view the short essay that needs errors corrected. The assignment is below. Week 1 – Assignment 1 APA “Find the Errors” Task Using the “Track Changes” function located under the “Review” tab at the top of the Word document with the unformatted essay, identify as many APA formatting errors as possible (there are at least 25 errors). Using the “Comments” function, correctly write out the APA rule that applies to the identified errors. You do this by highlighting the word, words, or error and clicking on “New Comment” located under the “Review” tab at the top of your Word document. A comment box will pop up at the right of your paper for you to write the rule to the error. Do not comment on repeat errors. For example, if two citations have the same formatting mistake, comment on only one of them. Note that there are some capitalization and punctuation errors that you may correct through Track Changes, but they are not the focus of this exercise.