Final Project & Presentation

Each student will select a significant real-life example of a contemporary Organization and write a 6-page (APA style; Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, typed double-spaced, title page) report and provide a 15-minute presentation on your findings and information. The selected organization does not have to be a well-known Fortune company. It can be a nonprofit or a for-profit organization. The organization can be an institution of higher education, a business corporation, a health organization, or a manufacturing company etc. Your paper must include the following: Describe the Organization, its Mission, its Structure and Design, and its Authority and Control Discuss the Organization Culture and Ethics, and its Environment Evaluate the Organization’s overall effectiveness and make recommendations based on theory learned in the class Include a title page and reference page. These do not count for the 6 pages. The paper will have these items plus the 6 pages, which will be the actual writings (body) of the report.