family communication theory essay

 For this assignment, you need to select a theory (e.g., FCP, RDT, CPM), process (information management, uncertainty management, etc.), or family type (e.g., adoptive, step, etc.) and discuss it in length. **** very strict APA STYLE reference, please see attached files These essays should be organized in the following subsections:1. The first section should provide an overview of the claims advanced by the theory. If a process or family type, detailed definitions should be included and an overview of the literature. No matter what you select, provide an argument for why what you chose is an important family communication concept. This should be about ¼ of the paper.2.In the second section, provide a review of three empirical research articles that tests the claims of the theory or, if interpretive/critical, illuminate research questions of interest. If you selected a process or family type, you may choose any studies that address it. This should be ½ of the paper.o Note, the articles MUST be from communication studies journals or written by communication scholars (ask if you have questions about whether your articles qualify).3.The conclusion of each essay should be your assessment of how this theory might be practically applied to your own life (actually apply it!). Provide specific examples of how you see the theory/process/ and articles informing how you engage in your family relationships or relationships with others who are experiencing family issues. This should be about ¼ of the paper.***** Although the first two sections of the paper should be written in a scholarly voice (no first person), this last section can be more informal. o I really want you to practice and critically think about your own relationships based on what you select. o Include a discussion of what you tried and how it went.