Extremity rehab

Basic Outline: The paper (as per the “Writing a case report” ) composed mostly of a research literature search, case study, and abstract, Your option is to do a paper on any topic of any relevant extremity condition or complaint. Research Literature Search: The Literature Search is a separate document and must be based on the template provided to you which i will attach. You will find at least 6 peer-reviewed research articles or case reports on an extremity condition or complaint. A literature search is defined as “a comprehensive sourcing of published information from databases based on specific specifications”. You must include all 4 of the following databases in your literature search: PubMEd ICL (Index to Chiropractic Literature Scopus Gallileo Include an additional 2 databases from the following list: SPORTDiscus Alt-Health-Watch Cochrane Library Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source AMED Rehabilitation Reference Center MANTIS All the sources cited in your case study must come from your literature search. However, you may include more sources in the literature search than the case study in order to satisfy the requirements stated above. (Example: if you find 2 sources in PubMed you want to include in your case study, you may, but they both must still be present in the Literature Search document). You cannot use Souza as a source. A case study: The case study must by 500 words in double spaced, Arial 12-point font. The following instructions must be included: Introduction Case report Discussion Conclusion References (Citations on a separate page at the end of the case study), these are separate from your Research Literature Search on the template. You must cite 5-7 published research articles or case reports in your case study. These publications will come from the literature you found in your literature search. You may only use articles found in your literature search in you case study. Abstract: You must include a 200-word abstract. Abstracts should be concise, informative and must outline the basic tenets of the main paper. Think of them as a summary of the most pertinent points of your case study paper. The abstract must be composed of the following sections: Introduction Case report Discussion Conclusion Citations should be included in your abstract.