Event-related EEG power modulations and Functional connectivity Change during visual task between individuals

My department is Biomedical engineering and i have done the experiment on EEG( Electroencephalography)by using three kinds of visual stimuli. The experimental task was based on emotional mental tasks. 10 participants viewed 69 pictures which are arranged in to three set (negative (depressive), positive, and neutral) while EEG data was recorded. The stimulus presentation was randomized across conditions. All the pictures were identical in size and resolution. We performed the experiment in 4 blocks of 138 trials. Each participant completed four sessions. During each run every image was presented once, and image order was randomized. The inter-trial interval was 2s and all the trials were null trials during which only a gray background was presented, and the fixation cross turned darker for 100 ms. Finally, participants verified that they had no background knowledge about the contents of the pictures and rating of the pictures were done. • Generat Wavelet coefficients to extract alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta frequencies from given EEG Dataset. • Comparison between different frequency bands of each stimuli • And comparing Frontal-central (FC3, FCz, and FC4), central (C3, Cz, and C4) and Centro parietal (CP3, CPz, and CP4) sites of the brain on the effects of those stimuli interms of emotion interaction and emotion effect. Doing on brain matrix and then plotting of functional network to see the effect Evaluation of power change and estimation of PLV and evaluation of Network connectivity between the three kinds of stimuli Finally to do on discussion and giving direction to the future work