Euro Disney Case

Read the EuroDisney Case and in approximately 4 pages (double spaced; 12pt font) analysis using the questions below as headers to your analysis sections. A reference page should also be included above and beyond the 4 page analysis. Needless to say special attention should be paid to the cross cultural factors and theorists from your readings and outside sources. European and Franco-American cultural considerations will be very important. Please site at least 3 textbook or outside references in your analysis (no Wiki please). Cite the references  properly. Given that this is a communications class, your paper will be graded on clarity, intercultural insight, creativity, spelling and grammar. Please proofread before submitting. Please title your Word or PDF file: (Your last name_EuroDisney). CUT & PASTE these 8 sectional headlines for each response: What is the BRIEF definition of the overall problem in ONE sentence (like a 140 character Tweet !). What do you feel are five KEY facts presented in the case? What ADDITIONAL or MISSING facts do you wish you had ? What was the EuroDisney course of action in the case What are the three key Intercultural communications issues presented and how do they relate to selected intercultural THEORY in the text and readings What would your alternate courses of action be if you were running EuroDisney What do you see as possible advantages & disadvantages of these courses If you had to decide on one what do you feel is the BEST alternative course of action. Historically most grade reductions are as a result of weak application of specific Intercultural Communications theory application in quetion #5. Please make this question a priority. The goal is to be concise. So every attempt should be made to concentrate your analysis elements and to avoid repeating large blocks of case text.