Ethical Analysis for Leaders

For this assignment, you will present an ethical analysis of a chosen issue. In this assignment you will apply and expand on this work, delving deeper into the theories and concepts while applying them to your practice. Your analysis should demonstrate your ability to understand the ethical and leadership complexities that exist in a health care or public health setting.

In your paper, describe a situation you might face as a leader and analyze its ethical implications. While you are free to choose the situation you will analyze, the following are examples of situations appropriate for this assignment:

Here is your topic:
The local public health unit has been asked to provide background information on obesity for a potential fat tax in the community. Members of the unit are concerned about the potential impact of imposing taxes on high-fat, high-sugar, or high-carbohydrate foods, often associated with budget constrictions in poor communities.

Submit a 3–5-page paper using current APA format in which you:

Describe the situation you will address.

Analyze the ethical challenges presented by this situation.

Analyze implications for patient outcomes and safety.

Analyze the stakeholders who have an interest in this issue and discuss each stakeholder’s frame of reference. Be aware of the politics or sociodynamics of diverse groups with their own sets of needs and agendas.