Emotional intelligence

 Access the following video to understand Emotional Intelligence: .https://youtu.be/HA15YZlF_kM In this assignment, carefully consider Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to your ability to cope in the role as leader/manager/follower.  Emotional Intelligence Analyze how you relate to the components of Emotional Intelligence. I. Self-Awareness II. Self-Regulation III. Motivation IV. Empathy V. Social Skills To Increase your Emotional Intelligence 1. Find out what are your peer’s “undiscussables.” Sharpen your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Realize that empathy and education are the key to success. 2. Get a 360 Feedback about how others see you. 3. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself—do you blame others for difficulties? 4. Look inside your heart and ask –are you doing what you love? Focusing Within 1. What you feeling now? 2. What are the nonverbal cues/verbal cues that you used to assess the emotion? 3. What kind of energy level does this emotion generate? 4. What activities should you engage in while feeling this emotion? 5. What impact could there be if this emotion persists? 6. What circumstances caused me to have this emotion? 7. What should I do about it, if anything? 8. What can you learn from having this emotion?