Effect of video games on levels of aggression

The article is: https://blackboard.rutgers.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-1589735-dt-content-rid-16846393_1/xid-16846393_1 Critical Review The main goal of a critical review is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with a peer reviewed journal article. After reading the article, you will submit a review that carefully follows the below format, which lists the main parts of the review and a brief description of each of its subparts.

The two main parts are (a) abstract, or a summary of the article, and (b) critical review, or your assessment of the article. Please follow the submission instructions listed at the end of this page. Finally, to help you, there is a student sample of a critical review on the next page. Abstract Reference: In APA format, list the citation of the article. Area: List the area(s) that the topic of the article falls under. Hypothesis(es): What are the central hypotheses and predictions of the present studies? Here, use operational definitions. For each study: Method: 1. Design: What type of methodology was used (experimental, correlational, observational, etc.)? 2. Procedure: Who were the participants and how were they assigned to conditions? What is the general procedure of the study? In other words, what were the steps taken by the researcher to administer measures and any experimental conditions? What was the cover story (if any) told to participants? 3. Independent/predictor variable(s): What was the independent or predictor variable and how was it operationalized and, if an independent variable, manipulated? 4. Dependent/outcome variable(s): What was the dependent or outcome variable and how was it measured? Results: What results were obtained in the study? Did the results support the authors’ hypothesis? Critical Review In 1-2 (minimum: one full page) pages, write a thorough review of the article. In this review, the following questions may be addressed: Was it interesting and why or why not? Is it a substantial contribution to the field? Do they provide a satisfactory literature review? Are the methods strong? Is there a critique of the internal and/or external validity of the research? Are there alternative explanations for the results? How are the findings relevant to other theories and research? What other implications can you think of for these findings? These questions are listed to assist you, but do not limit your critique to these questions only.