Understanding the Social Construction of Race and Gender Gender does not create a universal experience for all women! The purpose of this writing assignment is to discuss how women depending upon identities of race, social class and other factors such as nationality, culture, religion, marital status, age etc. have starkly different social experiences. The “subordinate” status of women of color has been consistent throughout time not because of something these women have done wrong or innate characteristics that make them “inferior” but because of patterns of race and gender discrimination that have resulted in the inequitable distribution of societal resources. One of the main points of this course is to understand race and gender as social constructs that result in different socio-economic, educational and political experiences for women of color. To examine race and gender from the perspective of social constructs is counter-hegemonic, and contrary to nearly everything we are taught. Therefore, to fully understand and to be able to articulate the meaning of the social construction of race and gender in this writing assignment, you must be committed to the course materials, activities and the time it will take you to deconstruct traditional notions of race and gender.