Does having a Patient flow coordinator Decreasing wait times in the ER increase customer service

This is a group paper where we answered a P.I.C.O. question for evidence based practice in class. The subject we picked was based on overall wait times in the ER and relating it to improved patient satisfaction. The paper will be gathering research on increasing customer satisfaction in the ER by decreasing wait times in the ER. We will be implementing a patient flow coordinator to be able to improve wait times in the ER. This will be a assigned individual who will make sure things flow better. For example that test such as xray’s and CT scans be done faster, that labs be drawn and resulted faster, and that Doctors be aware when results are back and when a patient is ok to be discharged because at times they are so busy. Research will be done on these kinda delays in the ER. This Patient Flow coordinator can focus on decreasing these delays by being infront of a computer seeing all orders and the ER board and making phone calls as needed. We will upload a Rubic for the paper that will help guide along with a sample paper. Thank you.