PSY 460 Experimental Psychology, Use SPSS SOFTWARE First analysis: Single sample t-test This is a t-test for One Sample compared to then national average • The national average sleep time is 8 hours a day (m). • We think college students sleep a different amount, maybe more – maybe less. • We survey ten students to see how much they sleep. • The data are as follows (each cell represents a student): • Compute a single sample t-test and interpret the output on whether this sample differs from the national average. DATA : 6543755566 Step 1: enter data Step 2: analyze data using one sample t-test Step 3: complete the write up Your Lab write up should include: APA format with title page, introduction (with at least 1 citation) and hypothesis at the end, a method section with: • Participants • Materials and Procedure • Design Results section including the actual statistics of the t-test above in red Discussion section on the overall summary of what the analysis showed and a possible reason for why it did. Reference section