Diversity in the Workplace- At the Walt Disney Company

 The paper should be written from a consultant’s perspective as if you were hired to assess an organization and make recommendations. The paper should be on an organization that you are able to assess. The applied research paper should cover a topic in Diversity in the Workplace. The length of the paper should be a minimum of 7 narrative pages not counting the cover sheet, reference page, double spaced, APA style, 12pt. font with a minimum of 4 scholarly references. The paper should have the following sections: 1. THE MEANING OF DIVERSITY Literature Application to organization 2.IMPACT OF GENDER, RACE AND NATIONAL ORIGIN Literature Application to organization 3.POLICIES FOR HANDLING SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Literature Application to organization 4.DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT POLICY BEST PRACTICES Literature on best practices 5.ANALYSIS OF ORGANIZATION’S DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT POLICY Describe the policy Strengths and weaknesses Are the employees, managers, and executives knowledgeable about this policy? If so, how do the employees respond to this policy? Is diversity managed sporadically or systemically within the organization?