Dispute in the East China Sea

Description Jasmine – Senior Advisor to the President ,During the next two months, in addition to the regular assignments, you will also research aspects of American National Government in general from the perspective of an assigned National Security Council character and write a minimum 1550 word Critical Analysis #4.You will be focusing on negotiating a particular crisis: Dispute in the East China Seas. You may use varied sources for your paper but a primary source must be the information on the Council on Foreign Relations website that you will receive via Model Diplomacy email link sent to the email you have listed on the official roster. The beginning of your paper/analysis is a 310 word maximum “brief” addressed to the President suggesting what your character is recommending the President do to handle the crisis. The remainder of the paper elaborates on the brief. Keep in mind that one of the purposes of this course is to develop empathy for differences. One of the goals of this assignment is to help all of you become more empathetic. After researching your character, you are to write a critical/analysis (paper) portraying your character. You are to describe your character’s view of human nature and assumptions of human behavior, his or her politically relevant beliefs, from where the character would obtain his or her beliefs, how the character might relate to other characters, et cetera. You are encouraged to integrate your opinion, and you can use concepts from other classes which you feel might be helpful (with proper attribution). Analyze the character. The approach you take is totally up to you, although the most successful usually includes the style suggested below.