Dialogue of Self and Study (DSS)

 A research paper on a current topic related to Human Resource Management will fulfill Dialogue of Self and Study (DSS) 300 requirements. Choose an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal, on a topic related to Human Resource Management, and prepare an analysis. You must choose an appropriate peer reviewed article from an academic journal. Articles from blogs and other websites are not acceptable. You are encouraged to share your proposed article and source with the instructor in advance, to be sure that it will meet the assignment requirements. You may use any contemporary major HR issue, but here are a few suggested topics if you’re looking for ideas: The role of strategic human resources Employee privacy Diversity & Inclusion initiatives Rotational development programs for new-hires The debate over virtual/remote work Sexual harassment training Use APA 6.0 style formatting for this assignment, including a properly formatted Title Page and References page. APA style guides can be found in the university Library website. Microsoft Word also includes a free template for this format. Your paper should have no more than three pages (double-spaced) of content, not including the Title Page and References page. You must submit your finished paper in the designated place on Canvas so that it can be processed through the TurnItIn academic honesty tool. The required outline is listed below. Use APA-formatted section headings to structure your paper, in the order provided. Complete Reference (APA formatted) at the beginning of the paper Alignment (how this topic fits with our course learning objectives) Theoretical Foundation (if there is one; if not, try to identify the foundation of the argument and defend it) Analysis (summary and defense of the paper) Conclusions Applications (how might you apply these learnings to a real-world situation?) Take-aways (list at least three)