DFD and Context diagram. Using VISIO app

CISP 111 Directions: Using the information we discussed in class about a “Cap and Gown” transaction, complete Question 7.32 from page 210 under the “Problems and Exercises” heading. In addition, answer Questions 7.58 and 7.62 from the Petrie Case Study on pages 253-254. Tasks: 7.32. Choose a transaction that you are likely to encounter, perhaps ordering a cap and a gown for graduation, and develop a high-laval DFD and context diagram. Deconpose this to a level-0 diagram. 1) In a Word document, create a list of information based on the scenario from Question 7.32. Use the “Cap and Gown” transaction. Include the following details: a. Data Sources/Sinks b. Processes or steps needed to show data flow c. System being represented d. Data Store 2) Print screen the context diagram and paste into your Word document. 3) Using Visio, create a Level-0 diagram, based on the context diagram already created in class and the information from Step 1. 4) 5) Print screen the Level-0 diagram created in above step and paste into your Word document. 5) Key your answers to Chapter 7 Petrie Case Questions 7.58 and 7.62 on page 254 below your print screens.