Developing a business for an original and sustainable investment.

The investment must have benefits for society and/or the environment and also economic benefits to the investing entity. The investment is in Australia. ITS A GROUP PROJECT * Our idea is 1 gym to begin with Attached restaurant Points can be acquired to accumulate discounts at the restaurant Points can also be used for gym memberships/merchandise discounts Points can be donated to charity or put towards gym memberships of those who cannot afford it The gym machines are also connected to the energy grid for the building so they will generate energy at the same time. MY PART: . Analysis of financial reports and other financial data and presentation of results: Up to 10 marks for the relevant and sufficient amount of analysis (for the context and purpose of the report) and the suitable and purposeful presentation of results. Up to 5 marks for too much (irrelevant) or insufficient amount of analysis and presentation of results that is unsuitable for the context and purpose of the report (for instance, dumping of numbers into tables making them confusing and meaningless to the readers, reproducing parts of past financial reports. Poorly labelled tables and figures)