Depression in the american society

Description: The health promotion project is a group activity that takes place in the community. Your selection of the community must be confirmed with your faculty before beginning any plans.

Identify the most prevalent psychiatric disease or disorder affecting the targeted community to research. You will write a paper on a pathophysiological disease or disorder of your choice that relates to either the adult or child population. This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore a particular psychiatric disease unique to the community you have chosen. Its purpose is to evaluate your understanding and demonstrate your practical application of the nursing process to care for clients with psychiatric diseases or disorders. This comprehensive paper will be NO more than 5 pages in length and should include the following components:
1. An introduction of the population and the most prevalent psychiatric disorder,
2. Assess the community site for space, resources available to meet the needs of acutely and chronically ill clients.
3. Pathophysiology of the disease/disorder and the related epidemiology, prevalence and incident rates.
4. Description of the clinical manifestations and assessments.
5. Assessment of the learning needs of the population.
6. Provide nursing diagnoses based on your assessment of the community or the most prevalent disorder.
7. Provide short term and long-term goals.
8. Conduct a teaching activity designed to meet the identified needs of that population.
9. Evaluation /Recommendations
10. Conclusion
11. APA format (title page, headers, heading, in-text citations, reference page
also provide a PowerPoint to do the presentation. the title page and reference page is not in include in the 5 pages. please follow the rebric



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