Depression. Examine a harmful behavior or condition (depression).

 Write a problem-solution research paper that explains the main factors causing people to engage in this behavior or develop this condition; then, offer the best solutions to stop the behavior or treat the condition Length and other requirements: 10-12 full pages. Use MLA formatting, including in-text citations and a work cited page. Write to a general audience of your classmate. Source Requirments: Use at least 10 or more outside sources that you cite both within the paper and in the work cited page. Remember to employ research database like Academic Search Complete. – MUST include at least 2 scholarly journals articles as sources though you can use more -May use as many newspapers articles., magazines articles, books, or anthology -May use as many websites as you like, but NO MORE than 2 will count (8 sources that are not websites -May use as many personal interviews as you like, but no more than 1 count (i have one about my sister but you can mention this is background as well) -use as many general references sources (dictionaries or encyclopedias) as you like, but no more than 1 will count. AVOID Wikipedia (9 sources that are NOT from general reference) -Can use youtube clips or video clips Paper Organization: 1) Introduction section that provides an attention grabber. includes thesis. include causes and solutions as part of the thesis 2) Background section that provides information on the behavior or condition. should include: definition, types of depression, statistics/numbers connected with depression, negative effects, history about depression, personal experience (my sister dealt with postpartum depression after having my nephew). 3) Causes section that explains why people engage in the behavior or develop the condition. Can include risk factors. If there are different causes for different types of depression, please list them. 4) Solutions section that explains how to stop the behavior or treat the condition. focus on an individual and what they can do to help. what can the family and friends do? is there anything the society can do to help? organizations? 5) Conclusion section that clearly draws the paper to a close in a memorable way.