Define the overall process with a technical definition

Directions: Locate some kind of process involving human activity that you know and can research and explain. Write a 1000 -1200 word Instructions Manual that explains that how an individual can accomplish a particular task through a series of tasks. Report 3: Instruction Manual Criteria

I. A Disclaimer, if necessary, identifying any potential risks to the process and thus freeing you of any liability should the process be executed incorrectly or should it result in some injury or harm. II. An Introduction: a. Define the overall process with a technical definition b. Describe its purpose and provide an overview c. Explain any needed theory or principles d. List (name) the steps of the process. III. A Discussion a. Define each step with a technical definition b. Describe what happens in each step c. Provide needed context to each step (for example, if at a point in the discussion, if you need to describe a mechanism, you must do so) d. Note any dangers or cautions the reader should be aware of at each step. e. List the equipment and tools required for each step. f. Provide specifc and numbered directions for executing each step g. Describe the result that should follow at the end of each step; transition correctly from each step to the step that follows. IV. A Conclusion in which you a. Relist and summarize the steps of the process b. Address the question “What is the value” and tell the reader where to find any needed, additional information. V. Include visuals in the report. If you draw/photograph the image yourself, do not list it in the References. Title each visual.