Current and Emerging Theories of Biological Aging

choose one from the listed topic write a 10 page research paper, an outline needed before start it. After you chose the topic I will give the releavnt ppt. 1. Current and Emerging Theories of Biological Aging. 2. Molecular Pathways that Regulate Lifespan. 3. The Microbiome and Aging: What’s Known and Where Are We Going? 4. Current and Emerging Dietary Interventions and Aging and Age-related Disease. 5. The Metabolic Syndrome and Aging and Age-related Diseases. 6. Sleep and Aging. 7. Strategies to Prevent and Treat Osteoarthritis in the Elderly Population. 8. The Role of Diet or Physical Activities in Modulating Cardiovascular Disease Risk. 9. The Role of Chronic Inflammation in Aging (Inflammaging). 10.Cosmetics and Aging: Aesthetics and Beyond. 11.Evidence-based Interventions for Cancer Prevention, Therapy, or Post-Therapy Quality-of-Life. 12.The Impact of Vision Loss on an Older Person and Strategies to Improve It. 13.The Multiple Faces of Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging. 14.Current and Emerging Evidence of the Effect of Smoking on Aging. 15.Emerging Interventions for Longevity.


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