Cultural impact- modern era

Review the assigned readings in Chapters 22, 23, and 24 and the boxes on pages 382, 416, and 445 that deal with the Cultural Impact of the Modern Era. Use the ideas expressed there as a springboard for your own analysis of the main influences of the Modern Era on our world today. Consider things such as the continuation of the concepts of individual rights, the immense social/political changes both in Europe and in the US, the unbelievably vast advances in the sciences, and the explorations of the creative arts. Be sure to relate these to our world today. These should be your own thoughts, analyses, and impressions. You may do minimal outside research as long as it is correctly documented per MLA; you should mostly use your text, lectures, or information on our Facebook page. You should consider using the Writing an Essay Step by Step under Content as a guide to structure, and then choose just 3 of the above influences (but do tie them together in your Thesis Statement) as having a lasting and major cultural impact in their day. Be sure to support each of your 3 major subdivisions with specific examples from the text. This should produce a 5-paragraph essay – one introductory paragraph which contains your thesis statement, 3 body paragraphs, one concluding paragraph. Your essay will be a minimum of 1000 words, a maximum of about 1200. Be sure to use Spellcheck and Grammar Check so you produce a correct academic essay.