Critique: Midsummer Night’s Dream

 The review should includes a brief overview of the plot.Briefly summarize the plot, describe the beginning, middle and the end(no matter how famous the story is). The review should includes a paragraph about the acting: Whose your favorite actor? why? what specific thing the actors do to make their performance effective/ineffective?, could anything be improved upon?(Avoid sentence like, “The main character’s acting was bad.” instead try, “The main character was not very convincing because he spoke monotonously and his lines weren’t memorized”) the review should includes a paragraph about the costumes, evaluate the costumes. describe them, what was interesting? How did they help you to understand the characters? Did they assist in communication theme? how? The review should also includes a paragraph about the technical aspects of the play. evaluate the set, lighting and sound etc, describe them. Did they make sense for the play? Did they help to convey meaning? What was the mood for the show? Did the author use a specific examples to support their statements? Finally the review should include conclusion that summarizes the overall message of the review.