Critically Analyze

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Britain recently voted to leave the European Union (EU). The EU was created, in part, to better enable participating countries to participate and prosper in the global marketplace. What would make the British citizens decide to leave the EU? PROMPT The following attached essay critically analyze the political and economic factors that influenced the British to vote to leave the EU and identifies three reasons why the vote to leave the EU was or was not the best decision. Develop critical responses to each of the three points. Your response should utilize scholarly-level research and critical analysis to explain to your peer, tactfully, why their three main talking points are flawed. EXAMPLE FOR FORMAT FOR PEER RESPONSE: “Peer – Britain should leave because their GDP has shrunk 12% since they joined the EU (Author, YYYY) Your response – While GDP has shrunk 12%, that number is much smaller than similarly developed nations outside the EU, such as Japan, where the GDP has shrunk by 21% over the same period (Author 2, YYYY).” Note: This is a fictitious example.