Counter Terrorism/security and crime

Here is the history background of the place where The peoples party is.

Cogadelow is a Western European country that has a diversifying medium-sized population (i.e., 15 million). It has a parliamentary political system with a party-list proportional representation electoral system and a unitary structure. It joined the European Union in 1983 and adopted the euro in 1999. For much of its history, it has had a very traditional culture but in the last twenty years there has been a shift with high levels of immigration (in particular from West African and Central European states), growing secularization, and greater political activism of young people. These changes have led to undercurrent fears from the general population about loss of national culture and identity. Similar toother European countries, it is dealing with modest economic growth (0.2 percent in the last quarter), high youth unemployment (30 percent), 10 percent unemployment rate, rise in consumer prices, and has just come out of a double-dip recession where it barely avoided having to take an EU bailout like other EU members. The government has attempted to grow the economy through austerity and changes to the social welfare system (i.e., rise in the retirement age, cuts to the minimum wage, and layoffs to public sector employment).

In addition, it has had to endure an ongoing conflict with the Fedetans. Concentrated in the southeastern section of the country, the Fedetan people are a historic European ethnic group who has been fighting to form their own independent nation-state for centuries. Since 2000, the group has been given devolved political powers (i.e., a regional assembly to govern their own local affairs) and the ability to use Fedetanian in education, business, and political affairs by the national government. In the last two years, a natural resource has been discovered in the area inhabited by the Fedetans, boosting calls for sovereignty among the Fedetan people. Cogadelow is a country in transition as it comes to terms with a new global economic environment, cultural changes (such as gay rights and multiculturalism), and nationalist agitations from groups within its borders. The country has also recently encountered two terrorist attacks in the last three months as well as an uptick in petty crime. Here are a couple of links you can use for sources or inspiration to write the policies (which need to be in view of a Political Party that is Far Left). ocialist Party of Netherlands:

 Socialist Party of Ireland:  Scottish Socialist Party:  The New European Left: A Socialism for the Twenty-First Century? (2012) by Kate Hudson