Contemporary art research paper (Post 1945)

THE PAPER PROPOSAL In the Research Paper, you will discuss two works of art coming from the time periods we will study in this course (1945 to the present day). When you choose the works of art, find 2 examples from distinct time periods (for example one work from the Post-Impressionists, and one from the Dadaists). Select two works that share either a common theme or a common subject matter. This will allow you to make some strong comparisons/contrasts between the artistic styles, cultures, context, etc. The big idea behind the paper is to show how different a common theme or subject matter can be represented depending on the artistic and cultural background of the artist. When picking works of art, you must follow these guidelines: • They must come from artists/cultures discussed in our books • They must be from 2 distinct artistic movements, cultures or time periods • I would suggest museum websites like these below for picking your works: ◦ ◦ ◦ To complete the paper proposal, you will be asked to include the following: • Images of the 2 works of art you choose • Title, Artist (if known), Date, Culture, Medium and Size for both works • A very brief explanation of what the two works of art have in common • Your thesis statement (what you will prove in your paper) The Thesis Statement: When you have picked a theme or subject matter, turn it into a thesis statement. For example: “Both the Environmental artists and the Feminist artists created works of art that served propagandistic purposes.” Or something like: “The human figure was a popular subject in the Photorealistic and Pop Art movements, and these paintings give us insight into the artistic and cultural differences of those groups.” The Outline/Sources Sheet The Outline: You will also be asked to write up a rough outline of your paper, to give me a better idea of where you will be going with the paper. In that, I would ask that you expand on the basic requirements for the assignment: • Intro Paragraph, with thesis statement from your paper proposal • Detailed descriptions of the works of art ◦ Describe the subject matter, the style and the possible meaning of the works • Establish the context of the works. Include information on each of these: ◦ Explain how each work fits into its artistic movement (for example, what makes it a good example of the Baroque period) ◦ Describe how the works tie into their cultural context (religious, social, economic, etc.) ◦ Research the two artistic traditions. Describe the personal philosophies of each ▪ What was typical of the art they made? How does the example show that? ▪ What were the purposes of their art in general? • Comparisons ◦ Compare and contrast the works directly ◦ Explain clearly how the similar subject matter or theme is treated by each ◦ Point out how the context helped shape the representation of the theme/subject matter you chose • Conclusion • Images (Do not include these in the text) ◦ Identify the images by title, artist, date and medium • Works Cited