Consumerisation in UK higher education business schools: higher fees, greater stress and debatable outcomes

a critique of the research design, 850 words long without references. I will uploaded the article. Discuss how to improve the article and its underlying research or how to design follow-up research. Defend the choices made in the study and/or discuss potential alternative choices. In particular, you can comment on aspects such as. . . • the clarity of the research question and theory • the contribution to a gap in the literature • choice of data collection method • case selection/sampling • method of analysis • the link between evidence presented and conclusions drawn • different types of validity and reliability • the certainty with which conclusions are drawn and possibly other aspects. You can also discuss where this research fits in the research cycle and consider whether there could be alternative research designs to answer the same research question in a more valid or reliable way (possibly after improving the research question if necessary). please start by discussing the most important improvements and/or problems in the study, and then subsequently discuss less important matters.