Conspiracy Theories on 2Pac

I will be exploring the ideology of 2pac Shakur being still alive after being pronounce dead on 13 September 1996 at University Medical Center, Las Vegas Valley, NV. There has been many so-called siting’s of 2pac since his death. This would include the thought of he was following the footprint of Makaveli; who fake his death. Or it was the help of the black panther party to help him fake his death and move to Cuba. This conspiracy theorists even speaks on how 2pac’s music represents that he is still alive. All of which will be discuss within my paper. Assignment : For your third major paper, you will be writing a research paper developing an argument about the reasons why Americans are likely to believe in conspiracy theories. This paper should be written as if you were writing a report for other researchers interested in the question of why conspiracy theories are so prominent, so that we can better understand how they work. Suggestions : For this paper, it is important that you start working quickly and begin doing research immediately. You will need to find multiple sources and will need to be familiar with the major arguments about the role of conspiracy theories in contemporary American culture. Also remember that this is a research-based paper, which means it should rely less on personal argument and more on research and the kinds of official language that you might use if you were working in a professional setting. This does not mean inflating your language artificially. This paper will ask you to develop a cause-effect argument focused around the issue of conspiracy theories. You should offer an explanation of why people believe them, what groups are more likely to believe them, or why Americans in particular seem more likely to believe them. You can look at these questions from a historical perspective. Have Americans always been more likely to believe conspiracy theories (see for example Richard Hofstadter)? Is social media (or the web more generally) making it more common for people to buy into conspiracy theories? We will start this project by identifying a couple of key sources that can be used as starting points for fining further research. You can also focus on a single conspiracy theory and try to investigate whether it is “true.” Here you can focus on issues of evidence and reliability. Why were so many people ready to believe pseudo-scientific explanations for why the terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened? Why do people believe (despite a complete lack of evidence) that a billionaire businessman, George Soros (who happens to be Jewish) is bankrolling all of the protests against Trump? The primary goal of this paper is to require you to learn how to do research on the databases and tools available in the library and to engage with an ongoing argument about a significant cultural and political issue. Headings: Title Page Abstract (new page, include keywords) Introduction (new page, no heading but repeat title) Literature Review Evidence Discussion References (new page, center heading, and double space references using hanging indent) Requirements : The paper is required to be a minimum of 1,700 words and should likely be no more than 2,000 words. It should be in APA format, which includes a title page, an abstract, a References page, and correct in-text citations. Your paper should have at least six sources. One source must be a peer-reviewed or scholarly journal article.