Consciousness or Using Memory

 Article summaries. (50 points) A. Find two articles from the popular press (Psychology Today, Scientific American Mind, New York Times, Time magazine, etc.) about a single topic we have covered in class B. Summarize the articles (about 100 words each) and be sure to include how each article relates to the course topic. C. Compare and contrast how the articles present the topic. (about 100 words) D. Compare and contrast how the articles and the textbook present the topic (about 100 words) E. Include in-text references and a reference page, APA-style. F. Submit the summary through Assignments on Sakai. (Due 11:00 pm New Jersey time, December 7) G. Grammar and written style will count in the evaluation Media presentation summary (20 points each) A. In fictional or social media, find an example of one of the topics we have covered. B. Write a short description of the presentation. (about 50-100 words) C. Explain what aspect of psychology is being demonstrated, using the book as reference. (about 50-100 words) D. Explain whether or not the presentation is accurate and why. (about 100 words) E. Submit the assignment through the “Assignments”. You can submit one each month. They are due at 11:00 pm New Jersey time on the last day of each month. F. Grammar and written style will count in the evaluation Note: You will not get credit for submitting something we talk about in class. (For example, if I discuss how people can drive somewhere, get there, and not remember the actual process, you may not use that as your example. If one of your classmates discusses how hearing the actual parts of music can be a challenge the first time through if the music is too fast, you may not use that as your example.) Basically two different assignments, they are both extra credit assignments. Two pages should be enough for both of these assignments.