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 Description Midterm Project Your workplace is having a Grand Spectacular to celebrate 25 years in business! Open a Word 2016 document Submit as an attachment/upload through CANVAS or via email You are responsible for a Proposal Package for the committee to review: Select a theme for the event (images too!) Your theme should be evident throughout your proposal Cover Sheet for the Proposal Set the Margins to .75 from each side and 1 inch from the top and bottom 3. Abstract of the Proposal – A brief but concise paragraph about your proposal -Should be interesting and intriguing to the customer Create a Header: Your name (with a hyperlink to your email), address, telephone and email) 4. Prepare an Agenda for the event (hour by hour or other time increments) Be Creative!! 5. Prepare an Invitation to the event 6. Prepare a Menu of hors d’oeurves 7. Prepare a Budget sheet (use a table to show an itemization for all expenses; food, gifts, venue, etc. Be sure to include pictures or images) Criteria for Proposal Create a Proposal document using Word 2016 Creative presentation of information Accurate spelling Use at least two hyperlinks Lists with bullets and/or numbers Images used to compliment text and theme Theme carried through the project Using tables to organize information for the budget Using tabs and indents to organize text Complete Proposal package, 7 components