Compare the three hegemonies of the mode

 For each section, be sure to note how the hegemonies are similar or different. In other words, try to explain what is unique about each by comparing them to each other. How did they attain structural leadership? In other words, what made them reach the top of the global economy? How did they demonstrate situational leadership? How did they demonstrate institutional leadership? What distinctive institutions did they create? What was their hegemonic cycle like? What leading sectors of the world market did they dominate in the first half? How did they “financialize” in their second half? How did their specific era of world history affect their hegemony? For example, were they the hegemon during early capitalism, or industrial capitalism, or during any specific types of globalization (e.g. managed, neoliberal)? What best explains their hegemony: a modernization or world-systems perspective? Were some elements of their hegemony as modernization theory would predict (i.e. they followed the right “recipe” for development)? Were some elements of their hegemony as world-systems analysis would predict (i.e. they developed by “exploiting” other regions of the world)?