Comparative Essay – Poetry “Richard Cory,” (edward arlington robinson)and “Barbie Doll.”(marge piercy)

 Comparative Essay Analysis: Poetry By the time you complete this essay, we will have spent about a month examining the different devices that poets use. By the end of this unit, we will have examined voice, tone, pattern, word choice, imagery, form, rhythm and meter, rhyme, metaphor, simile, symbolism, allusion, internal and external structure. We will use these devices to write the following essay: Compare and contrast two poems of your choice from any of the poems assigned in this unit. The essay should revolve around an overarching argument that encompasses both poems. This means that in your thesis statement and general argument, you should examine the two poems for the manner in which they both treat a similar theme, even if you come to find that they treat a similar theme differently. In your analysis of your two poems, you must address at least three of the following poetic devices: tone, pattern, word choice, imagery, form, rhythm and meter, rhyme, figurative language (metaphor, similie, symbolism,etc) allusion. How do your two poems use these devices to reinforce their themes? Do they use similar devices to get their message across? Do they use similar devices in a different manner? Be sure to use plenty of evidence, that is, quotations from the poems themselves, to support your conclusions.Your essay should demonstrate that you have mastered the following qualities: •Ability to identify, analyze, and write about conventional elements poetry—such as theme, diction, style, rhythmic and metrical forms. •Ability to identify, analyze, and write about different levels of literary meaning—denotative, connotative, metaphorical, symbolic, allusive. •Ability to use the conventions of academic writing to compose polished, persuasive papers on literature; analytical in nature, that are essentially free of usage errors and stylistic awkwardness. •Ability to incorporate scholarly sources quoting both outside sources and primary text correctly. Essay requirements: 4-5 pages MLA format Works cited page Outside sources are not required, but they are recommended. — Theme: Both poems are similar in the fact that the writer is addressing a person who was viewed one way on the outside, but differently on the inside. Both characters the writer is addressing die at the end of the poems.  1. A strong thesis statement. I will be grading your thesis statements early in the week. If I recommend that you revise your thesis statement, feel free to email me your revised thesis statement. 2. Pay close attention to introducing both poems and poets at the beginning of the essay. Once you’ve introduced the poets, refer to them by their last names. Do not refer to poets by their first names. 3. Quote poems correctly. See pages 1310-1311 in your text for rules of quoting poetry. 4.Make sure you have enough evidence from the text. Analyze the evidence. Don’t just quote and assume that the reader will make the connection between the evidence and the main idea. My original thesis statement was: The poems “Richard Cory,” by Edwin Arlington Washington and “Barbie Doll,” wirtten by Marge Piercy discuss an overarching theme of not knowing what is going on in someone else’s’ life until it is too late. Both authors use imagery, simile, and irony to explain how the character they are addressing is viewed one way on the outside but are different on the inside. **feel free to change it to something suitable, if needed** my textbook is needed as a primary source as that is where I got the poems from – but I need one additional outside source