Communication, Skills and Values in Social Work (Readiness for Direct Practice)

 Paper details Personal and Professional Development Plan During the module, you will be required to complete a Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP) where you will need to identify areas of development which can be knowledge, skills, professional conduct etc. to mention a few for each of the nine PCF Domains of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). There will be two submission dates for the PPDP (Readiness for Practice level), with the first submission being a draft of your PPDP. Feedback will be given on the PPDP and students will be expected to revise the initial plan before the final submission date. Both the draft and the final PPDP must be submitted through Turn-It-In on the date required. Please do not email a copy of the PPDP as this will not count. The student will take the PPDP with them to the first practice placement. It will form the start of a process of continuing professional development, as expected of all qualified social workers, by the social work regulator the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).