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Write a paper that summarizes the case study, then answer each of the questions asked after the case study in the textbook. Make sure to incorporate the applicable marketing topics we have studied so far this semester in your case study. Write your paper so that I can easily tell which questions you are answering. For example, after summarizing the case study, you may choose to use the questions as subheads above the answers to connect the paper in a logical way. You must cite the sources for any information you use within your case study. This includes information from the textbook and the case studies. Points will be deducted (a minimum of 15 points deducted) on the assignment if you do not cite sources you use. To assist with your citations, please review this website for information: As a reminder, when citing work, you should include a “Works Cited” page at the end of the document, as well as in-text citations for any non-original information as you use it within the document. You should use in-text citations for information you do not provide so the reader knows its source. For example, when you summarize the case study, at the end of the summary paragraph you would include an in-text citation for the textbook since that is your source, and on the Works Cited page you would include the full information for this source. If you use graphs or charts to show any information, you would need to cite those too. You will find examples for these items on the website above. You do not have to cite original work you create since it is your own work. However, anything you do not create, including text, data, or images, should be cited. Your case study should be a minimum of three full pages and a maximum of five pages long, double-spaced, 12-point type, 1” margins. (Two pages plus two lines is not three pages.) Your Works Cited page does not count as one of your pages. You need to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in the paper, as I will be grading you on accuracy in these areas in addition to your content. The case study counts for 10% of your grade in this class. Save your assignment as a Word document (.doc or .docx format); do not submit .gdoc, .odt or .pages formatted files. Submit your assignment under the Blackboard Case Study link. As a reminder, here are the steps to submit your case study on Blackboard (not Gmail): -Login to Blackboard and go to your MKT 101 class -Click on the Assignments link in the left hand list of links -Click on the “Case Study” link -Click the “Browse My Computer” gray box link to upload a file, and find your document to attach -Once you’ve attached your file, click the green “Submit” button You may also submit your case study before the due date if you prefer so that you may concentrate on other classwork.