Client Education Pamphlet

Description As a speech-language pathologist assessing and treating clients, an understanding of normal function is just as important as an understanding of disordered function. This knowledge will not only help you to better educate your clients but will also allow you to identify impairments and their potential causes. The purpose of this Assignment is for you to examine the hearing process. To prepare for this Assignment, review Chapter 10 of the course text and consider how the normal hearing process relates to speech and language function. The Assignment: Write a 2-page client education pamphlet that addresses the following: Explain the process of hearing from when a sound is heard through when the brain processes the signal. Include the roles of the peripheral auditory system (the outer, middle, and inner ear structures), cranial nerve VIII, cochlear nuclear complex, brainstem, thalamus, primary auditory cortex, and Wernicke’s area. Explain how the process of hearing relates to speech and language function. Include why perception is important to speech and language development.Provide information regarding the assessment and treatment of neurologically-based hearing disorders. Use client appropriate language and drawings/diagrams to help explain the neurology of hearing. Citing all references APA format