Clausewitz’s Trinity: Between 1904-1913

Description Argumentative Essay: Using Clausewitz Trinity and the outline below explain how his Trinity can be used in the evolution of modern Warfare Between 1904-1913 Introduction: Between 1094 and 1913, European stability unraveled, causing escalation of building of war machines. war is inherently political and nations engage in war for many reasons; however, the primary objectives of war are destruction of the enemy, increase public opinions about a nation, and to gain possession of the enemy’s materials of war. A politics become more important in the world, war must be used to reinforce the politics of a nation. Thesis; Accoring to clausewitz’s trinity theorty, war is a paradoxical trinity between passion (violence), change and reason. All three must be present and in relationship prior to the undertaking of war. As tensions escalted within europe, particularly between the alliance of Germany-Italy and France-Great Britain, the military became the main tool of diplomacy with the region. Passion: Chance Reason Evolution f Modern Warfare 1904-1913: this section should included the mention of the trinity and all three elements. provide specefic examples with citations for each point. At least two of your reference please use the below Makers of Modern Strategy Makers of Modern Strategy.