Church/State Relations Before, During, and After the Constantinian Settlement

Outline The outline contains first, second, and third level headings in a logical progression for the body of the paper that flow from the thesis statement and are limited to not more than 4 first level headings Thesis Statement & Conclusion The proposal contains a single sentence thesis statement (not a paragraph), brief preliminary conclusion, and a bibliography of more than 2 primary and 4 secondary sources. Argument The thesis statement sets forth succinctly in 1 sentence what the student intends to argue or prove based on historical research in his/her paper. Primary and Secondary Sources 3 or more primary sources and more than 4 secondary sources Turabian Citation Style All bibliographic entries conform precisely to Turabian, ch. 17 for each specific type of citation used. No reference works or Bible translations appear in the bibliography. Quality Sources The bibliography contains scholarly and up-to-date peer reviewed journal articles, monographs, and other topic specific works suitable for the project.

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