Children’s Program for Low SES Children.

Description My research paper needs to be based on creating a children’s program for low socioeconomic children to prevent behavioral problems once they transition from preschool to early elementary school. The research article that you will need to use to support the need for my program is: The directions for this research paper are below: Assignment Directions Write a 3-4 page paper using the following format: 1. Title/reference of the article: Write the title of the article as an APA style reference 2. Literature review: The literature states what we already know and what we need to know a. What do we already know? b. What questions are raised that warrant further research? c. Be specific on what the authors’ state in their literature review. List each and describe them. d. Read the article critically. 3. Hypotheses a. What are the hypotheses or research questions? b. What is the author investigating? c. This may be stated as the purpose of the research article. 4. Participants a. How many subjects are involved in the study? b. What ethnicity are the subjects? c. What age are the subjects? d. What is the educational level of the parents of the subjects? 5. Measures/Procedures a. What measurement instruments were used? List and describe them. b. Are they valid? c. What did they measure? d. What process or procedures did they follow? 6. Results a. What did the authors find? b. What was/were the answer(s) to their research question(s)? 7. Discussion a. What are the authors’ conclusions? b. What are the limitations of the study? If the authors do not cite any, can you think of any? c. What are the implications of the study? d. How can the data be applied to help children and families? 8. Conclusion a. Write at least four sentences describing the essence of the article, which can be incorporated into the problem statement of your program design project. b. Pay attention to the detail, the “bottom line” or “take aways” of the article.