Business, Money, Economy articles.

 Description According to class policy, everyone has a chance to earn up to 50 class points of extra credit. That translates to 5 percentage points or half a letter grade. One way to earn points is to write 1 page papers analyzing some news article/story using the principles of economics.  You can submit of maximum of 5 papers. Below briefly tells you where to find articles/stories, what to write, and how to submit. Step 1 Find a news article or story what was published since the start of the term (August 2018 – present). It can really be about anything since economics can offer insight into any event, but it’s a little easier if you start with a story that relates to business, money, finances, or the economy in general. Here are some places to try. American Public Media’s Marketplace (my recommendation) Nightly business report: (easily digestible business stories that often take economic angles) Michigan Radio: (for all those news stories you heard drive to work/school in the morning) CNN money: (can find lots of macro-related stories) Detroit Free Press: (for more local stories) But really, any news site is fine. And the story doesn’t have to be a written article. It can also be a video or audio clip. Step 2 After reading/viewing the story try to identify the economic concept(s) that best relate to the story. It should be something that helps either give a deeper explanation as to what’s going on, or even offers a contrasting explanation to what the author is saying. Step 3 [optional but recommended] Email me a link to the article and a sentence or two about what you will cover in your paper and the economic concepts you are going to use. This is recommended because you could be writing something that doesn’t fit with the course, which will get you no credit (a score of zero). So this step can help you avoid wasting your time. Step 4 Write your one page paper using economic concepts to offer additional insights to the article. Warning: Don’t just recap what the story said, this is not a book report. You are to analyze the story and offer additional points using your newly gain knowledge of economics. A good way to do this is either elaborate on what the author is saying or try to challenge it. But use economics! Start by thinking of the story in the economic framework; scarcity, tradeoffs, incentives, equilibrium… And try to identify relevant concepts from the book. Remember the ultimate purpose of these papers is to demonstrate your knowledge of economics/macroeconomics so I can award you extra points.