Building International Managerial Skills

 Paper details I need an essay with normal English words and to follow the professor instructions and my university of Dubai instructions Building International Managerial Skills Rationale Managers of global companies are always operating in an environment where they are competing with other companies for scarce and valuable resources. Operating in a global environment is uncertain and unpredictable because it is complex and constantly changing. Objective Pick a global organization with which you are familiar. It can be an organization in which you have worked or currently work or one that you interact with regularly as a customer. For this organization do the following: 1. Explain the main forces in the domestic environment that are affecting the organization. (5) 2. Discuss the main forces in the international/ global environment that are affecting the organization (5) 3. Explain how environmental forces (external) affect the job of an individual manager within this organization. How can an individual manager use the opportunities and neutralize the threats? (5) Business Report Contents Please focus on key ideas that reflect Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, Time bound initiatives. Format The report should be presented in a professional business format. 1000 words Guidance: • Provide at least 3 references • Reference according to the Harvard system of referencing (see for detailed guidance or use the posted guidelines on moodle). • Details • An individual essay of 1,000 words needs to be handed over as hardcopy to the instructor before the end of second session of the class (W10 – 30th October 2018). The same need to be submitted through Turnitin before 11:59 pm (W10 – 30th October 2018). • The assignment will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. As per the University’s policy, similarity exceeding 20% is penalized by awarding no marks for the assignment. • Late assignments received within one week of the submission deadline will receive only 50% of the total marks earned. Late assignments received after one week of the submission deadline will receive no marks. – 7 Marks will be on: Knowledge, Analysis, Application In-depth knowledge and understanding of the module materials: key models and concepts. Understanding how the parts contribute to the whole. Application of key insights to real-life organizational phenomena (Illustrations: Use of interview/evidence). And – 8 Marks will be on: Synthesis (Creative thinking) and Evaluation Critical analysis of literature/theory. Addressed the purpose of the assignment comprehensively and imaginatively. Extended abstract thinking, making connections with other subject areas to generalize and transfer key ideas